The VM Utilization dashboard helps you as an administrator to capture the utilization trends of any VM in your environment. You can list the key properties of a VM and the resource utilization trends for a specific time period. You can share the details with the VM or application owners.

The dashboard displays resource utilization trends so that the VM or application owners can view these trends when they expect a high load on applications. For example, activities like batch jobs, backup schedules, and load testing. Application owners must ensure that the VMs do not consume 100% of the provisioned resources during these periods. Excessive consumption of the provisioned resources can lead to resource contention within the applications and can cause performance issues.

  • Search for a VM to Report its Usage: Use this widget to select the VM you want to troubleshoot. You can use the filter to narrow your list based on several parameters. After you identify the VM that you want to view, select it. The dashboard is automatically populated with the relevant data.
  • About the VM: Use this widget to view the VM you selected and its details. You select the VM in the Search for a VM to Report its Usage widget.
  • VM Utilization Trend: CPU, Memory, IOPS, Network: Use this widget to view information about the utilization and allocation trends for CPU demand, memory workload, disk commands per second, and the network usage rate.