The Realized Cost Savings Dashboard helps you to quantify the realized cost savings from actions performed that are related to recommendations provided by vRealize Operations Cloud. You can analyze the realized savings to track improvements to cost efficiency over time. Realized savings covers powered off VMs that were flagged as idle, deleted VMs that were flagged as idle or powered off, deleted snapshots that were flagged as reclaimable, deleted disks that were flagged as orphaned, oversized VMs that were rightsized, and deleted hosts that were flagged as reclaimable.

Widget Information

  • Realized Savings covers the cost savings from reclamation opportunities recommended by vRealize Operations Cloud.
  • The Reclaimed Capacity shows the amount of capacity that was reclaimed based on recommendations from vRealize Operations Cloud.
  • Allocation Changes for Oversized VMs shows the number of vCPUs and GB of memory removed from formerly oversized VMs.
  • Cost of Deleted VMS shows the cost of all deleted VMs in the past 30 days, shows the cost of all deleted VMs (by cluster) for the past 30 days, and shows the year-to-date cost of all deleted VMs.