A threshold marks the boundary between normal and abnormal behavior for a metric. In addition to fixed thresholds, vRealize Operations Cloud supports dynamic thresholds for a metric, calculated based on historical and incoming data.

How Dynamic Thresholds Work

By default, dynamic thresholds are refreshed on a regular schedule, but you can recalculate dynamic thresholds outside of the schedule if you want to capture the most recent data.

Where You Find Dynamic Thresholds

In the menu, click Administration, and then in the left pane, select Support > Dynamic Thresholds.

Dynamic Threshold Options

The dynamic threshold feature includes options to start or stop the calculation process and to review associated values.

Table 1. Dynamic Threshold Options
Option Description
Start Run the dynamic threshold calculation process now, outside of its normal schedule.
Stop Stop the dynamic threshold calculation currently in progress.
Calculation progress Percentage completion of the current dynamic threshold calculation.
Calculation times and Count Timestamps and metric counts associated with the last dynamic threshold calculation, and the time for the next scheduled calculation.