To monitor Google Cloud VMware Engine instances in vRealize Operations Cloud, you must configure a vCenter Server cloud account, a vSAN cloud account, service discovery (optional), and the NSX-T adapter.


  1. Configure a vCenter Server Cloud account. For more information, see Configure a vCenter Server Cloud Account in vRealize Operations Cloud.
    Important: When you configure the vCenter Server Cloud account, set the Cloud Type property to Google Cloud VMware Engine in the Advanced Settings.
  2. Configure a vSAN Adapter instance. For more information, see Configure a vSAN Adapter Instance.
  3. (Optional) Configure Service Discovery. For more information, see Configure Service and Application Discovery.
  4. Configure the NSX-T adapter. For more information, see Configuring the NSX-T Adapter.
    After the adapters and cloud accounts are configured, vRealize Operations Cloud discovers and monitors the environment that runs on Google Cloud VMware Engine.
  5. Determine which vRealize Operations Cloud collector or collector group is used to manage the cloud account.
    The best practice is to deploy the cloud proxy on each SDDC instance of Google Cloud VMware Engine. If you use a cloud proxy, ensure it has access to the Internet, or if the outbound internet access for the cloud proxy must be restricted, ensure the minimum cloud proxy prerequisites are met. For details, see Configuring Cloud Proxies in vRealize Operations Cloud.