The Optimization History dashboard displays the results of optimization activity.

The Optimization History dashboard belongs to the Optimize group of dashboards. The dashboard covers three optimization benefits; optimize performance, optimize capacity, and optimize virtual machine placement.

Optimizing performance can be performed in vRealize Operations Cloud using Workload Optimization, or started on demand. The charts on this row show a box for each data center or custom data center and the optimization recommendation. Green indicates an optimized data center or custom data center. A red box means that optimization might be required, and a white box means that optimization is not configured for that object.

For capacity optimization, this row provides a summary of the average VM cost per month, the savings that can be achieved through reclaiming idle or powered off virtual machines, or deleting old snapshots.

Virtual Machine Happiness is a term used to describe VMs that are getting the resources they need, when they need them. You can also see recent vMotion activity related to vSphere's Distributed Resource Scheduler, which together with vRealize Operations predictive DRS feature makes sure your VMs are getting the resources they need. Workload placement vMotions are also shown as Non-DRS Moves in the graph.