The Message Event Symptom Definitions is a list of the message event-based symptoms defined in your vRealize Operations Cloud environment. You use the information in the list to evaluate the defined message events and to determine if you want to add, edit, or clone symptoms.

Where You Find Message Event Symptoms

To manage symptoms based on message events, from the left menu, click Configure > Alerts, and then in the right pane, click Symptom Definitions. Select the Message Event tab.

You can also define symptoms as you are defining alerts in the Alert Definition Workspace.

Table 1. Message Event Symptoms Options
Option Description
Toolbar options
Use the toolbar options to manage your symptoms. You can select multiple symptoms using Ctrl+click or Shift+click.
  • Add. Add a symptom definition.
Click the horizontal ellipsis to perform the following actions.
  • Edit. Modify the selected symptom definition. Any changes you make affect the alert definitions that include this symptom. You cannot edit a symptom that manages a badge.
  • Delete. Remove the selected symptom definition. You cannot delete an alert that is used in an alert definition. To delete a symptom, you must first remove it from the alert definitions in which it is used. You cannot delete a symptom that manages a badge.
  • Clone. Create a copy of the selected symptom definition.
  • Export and Import. Export the file as xml from one vRealize Operations Cloud so that you can import the file on another instance. When you import the file, if you encounter a conflict, you can override the existing file or not import the new file.
Filter options

Limits the list based on the text you type.

You can also sort on the columns in the data grid.


Descriptive name of the symptom.

Adapter Type

Adapter type for which the symptom is configured.

Object Type

Base object type against which the symptom is defined.

Event Type

Defined event classification type.


Operator used to compare the message from the incoming event against the event message specified in the symptom.

Event Message

Text string that is compared to the message in the incoming event using the specified operator.

Defined By

Indicates whether the symptom was created by a user or provided with a solution adapter.

Last Modified Displays the date on which the symptom was last modified.
Modified By Displays the name of the user who last modified the symptom.