The Showback VM Cost dashboard provides a quick Showback of the cost associated with the VMs in a group. Based on the Showback you can improve the accuracy of the costs by editing the cost drivers. Cost drivers that are not customized use reference cost, cost driver customization is available only in Advanced or Enterprise edition of vRealize Operations Cloud.

How to Use the Dashboard

  • Select an object in the Select a Group widget to view the cost of the group.
  • Cost Summary (This Month) shows the month to date cost, potential savings, and projected cost of the group.
  • VM Cost Distribution (Top 100) shows the most expensive VMs in the group.
  • Potential Savings (Top 10) shows the VMs ranked by their potential savings.
  • Members of the Group (Select to View Trend) shows the cost and configuration of each VM in the selected group.
  • Cost Trend of Selected VM shows the trend of the VMs cost over time.