The cost calculation of vRealize Operations Cloud has been enhanced to include the end point objects of Horizon Management Pack and virtual hosts. Earlier, the cost calculation was based on the metrics collected for each end point object.

The cost calculation for the end point objects is now based on the following criteria:
  • Each Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Virtual Machine ( (VDI VM)) is counted as 0.25 Operating System Instance (OSI)
  • Each Remote Desktop Service Host (RDS Host) is counted as 0.25 Operating System Instance
  • One Operating System Instance for each Connection Server
  • Virtual Hosts (ESXi hosted on a VM) is not counted against license usage
  • VMs hosting the virtual hosts are counted against license usage

There are no VDI VM objects discovered by Horizon MP. Instead, Horizon MP objects have relationships with vCenter MP Virtual Machines. VDI VMs are identified by their parent VDI Pool objects. vRealize Operations Cloud, reports the number of VDI VMs in the bill. The number of VDI VMs appear under Virtual Machine node of the vCenter MP.

How to Identify the Virtual Host

You can identify the virtual hosts by the following property.
  • Hardware |Vendor = "VMware, Inc"