Symptoms are conditions that indicate problems in your environment. You define symptoms that you add to alert definitions so that you know when a problem occurs with your monitored objects.

As data is collected from your monitored objects, the data is compared to the defined symptom condition. If the condition is true, then the symptom is triggered.

You can define symptoms based on metrics and super metrics, properties, message events, fault events, and metric events.

Defined symptoms in your environment are managed in the Symptom Definitions. When the symptoms that are added to an alert definition are triggered, they contribute to a generated alert.

Define Symptoms to Cover All Possible Severities and Conditions

Use a series of symptoms to describe incremental levels of concern. For example, Volume nearing capacity limit might have a severity value of Warning while Volume reached capacity limit might have a severity level of Critical. The first symptom is not an immediate threat. The second symptom is an immediate threat.