You can add and modify the scope defined in vRealize Operations Cloud. Scope lets you create a package and associate the objects and object hierarchies to the package. You can select the object hierarchy and assign the required objects to the selected object hierarchy. After you define a scope, you can associate the scope to user accounts and user groups.

Where You Add or Edit Scope

  1. To manage scope, from the left menu, click Administration, and then click the Access Control tile.
  2. Click the Scopes tab.
  3. In the Scopes tab, click Add.
  4. To edit a scope, select the scope and then click Edit Scope. You can also click the EDIT SCOPE button in the Scope Details grid and edit the scope.
    Table 1. Access Control Scopes Details Grid
    Option Description

    Scope Name

    Name of the scope to apply to a specific user or a set of users, such as user for base users or administrator for users with administrative permissions.


    Description of the scope, indicating its purpose.

  5. To add or edit the scope, select the required Object Hierarchy, and then select the Object to be associated.
  6. Click Save.

After you save the scope, you can assign the scope to user accounts and user groups.