The Distributed Switch Configuration dashboard allows you to view details of virtual switch configuration and utilization. When you select a virtual switch, you can see the list of ESXi hosts, distributed port groups, and virtual machines that use or are on the selected switch. You can also find out which ESXi hosts and VMs use a specific switch.

You can identify misconfigurations within various network components by reviewing the properties listed in the views within the dashboard. You can track important information such as the IP address and the MAC address assigned to the virtual machines.

As a network administrator, you can use this dashboard to get visibility into the virtual infrastructure network configuration.

You can use the dashboard widgets in several ways.

  • Select a Distributed Switch: Use this widget to select the switch for which you want to view details. You can use the filter to narrow your list based on several parameters. After you identify the switch that you want to view, select it. The dashboard is automatically populated with the relevant data.
  • Distributed Port Groups on the Switch: Use this widget to view the port groups on the switch, how many ports each switch has, and the usage details.
  • ESXi Hosts/VMs Using the Selected Switch: Use these widgets to find out which ESXi hosts and VMs use the selected switch. You can also view configuration details about the ESXi hosts and VMs that use the selected switch.