You create recommendations that are solutions to alerts generated in vRealize Operations Cloud. The recommendations are intended to ensure that your network operations engineers and virtual infrastructure administrators can respond to alerts as quickly and accurately as possible.

How the Recommendations Workspace Works

A recommendation is instructions to your users or actions that your users can perform to resolve an alert. The instructions can be links to useful Web sites or local runbooks, instructions as text, or actions that you can initiate from vRealize Operations Cloud.

Where You Find Recommendations Workspace

To define recommendations, from the left menu, click Configure > Alerts, and then in the right pane, click Recommendations. Click Add to create a recommendation.

You can also define recommendations when you define alerts.

Table 1. Define Recommendation Options
Option Description

Enter the description of what must be done to resolve the triggered alert.

The description can include steps a user must take to resolve the alert or it might be instructions to notify a virtual infrastructure administrator.

This is a text field.

Create a hyperlink

To create a hyperlink, enter a description, select the text, and click the Hyperlink icon to make the text a hyperlink to a Website or local wiki page.

Action (Optional)
Adapter Type Select an adapter type from the drop-down list to narrow down the list of actions displayed in the Actions field.

You can add an action as a method to resolve a triggered symptom or a generated alert. Actions must already be configured in vRealize Operations Cloud.

You must provide text in the text box to describe the action before you can save the recommendation.

These actions, named Delete Unused Snapshots for Datastore Express and Delete Unused Snapshots for VM Express appear. However, they can only be run in the user interface from an alert whose first recommendation is associated with this action. You can use the REST API to run these actions.

The following actions are also not visible except in the alert recommendations:
  • Set Memory for VM Power Off Allowed
  • Set CPU Count for VM Power Off Allowed
  • Set CPU Count and Memory for VM Power Off Allowed
These actions are intended to be used to automate the actions with the Power Off Allowed flag set to true.