vRealize Operations Cloud provides outbound plug-ins. This list includes the name of the plug-in and whether you can filter the outbound data based on your notification settings.

If the plug-in supports configuring notification rules, then you can filter the messages before they are sent to the target system. If the plug-in does not support notifications, all messages are sent to the target system, and you can process them in that application.

If you installed other solutions that include other plug-in options, they appear as a plug-in option with the other plug-ins.

Messages and alerts are sent only when the plug-in is enabled.

Table 1. Notification Support for Outbound plug-ins
Outbound plug-in Configure Notification Rules
Automated Action plug-in No

The Automated Action plug-in is enabled by default. If automated actions stop working, select the Automated Action plug-in and enable it if necessary. If you edit the Automated Action plug-in, you only have to provide the instance name.

REST Notification plug-in Yes
Standard Email plug-in Yes
SNMP Trap plug-in Yes
Webhook Notification Plugin Yes
Slack plug-in Yes
Service-Now Notification plug-in Yes
Vmware Hosted Email plug-in No

The Vmware Hosted Email plug-in is enabled by default