You can import and synchronize existing cloud accounts from vRealize Automation 8.x to vRealize Operations Cloud. Click Import Accounts from VRA > Import Accounts to list all the cloud accounts associated with vCenter Server, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure that are not managed by vRealize Operations Cloud. You can select and import these accounts into vRealize Operations Cloud directly with existing credentials as defined in vRealize Automation or add or edit the credentials before the import process. The Import Accounts from VRA option is hidden from the user until the integration with vRealize Automation 8.x is enabled from the integration page under Data Sources > Integrations > Accounts or Repository tabs.


  • Verify that vRealize Automation 8.x is enabled from Data Sources > Integrations > Accounts in vRealize Operations Cloud.
  • Verify that you know the vCenter Server credentials that have sufficient privileges to connect and collect data.
  • Verify that the user has privileges of Organizational Owner and Cloud Assembly administrator set in vRealize Automation.


  1. From the left menu, go to Data Sources > Integrations > Accounts tab, click on the horizontal ellipses, and then select Import Accounts from VRA.
  2. From the Import Accounts page, select the cloud account you want to import.
  3. To override an existing credential from vRealize Automation.
    • Select the existing credential from the Credential drop-down menu and click Save.
    • To add a new credential, click the plus icon next to the Credential drop-down menu and enter the credential details and click Save.
  4. Select the collector/group from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Validate to verify that the connection is successful.
  6. Click Import.


The imported cloud account is listed in the Data Sources > Integrations > Accounts page. After the data collection for the cloud account is complete the configuration status changes from Warning to OK.