The Utilization Overview dashboard helps you view the available capacity in the virtual infrastructure.

The Utilization Overview dashboard allows you to assess the utilization at each resource group level such as vCenter, data center, custom data center, or vSphere cluster. You can quickly select an object and view the total capacity, used capacity, and usable capacity of the object to understand the current capacity situation.

You can use the dashboard widgets in several ways.
  • Total Environment Summary: Use this widget to view the total available capacity in the environment including information about the number of hosts and datastores. You can also view storage, memory, and CPU capacity, and the number of physical CPUs.
  • Select an Environment: Use this widget to select a data center, a cluster compute resource, or a vCenter Server. You can use the filter to narrow your list based on several parameters. After you identify the data center you want to view, select it. The dashboard is populated with the relevant data.
  • Inventory: Use this widget to view the number of running VMs and hosts. You can also view the number of datastores and the consolidation ratio in the environment.
  • Usable Capacity (Exclude HA Buffers): Use this widget to view the capacity that is available in the virtual infrastructure.
  • Used Capacity: Used this widget to view how the capacity is used in various data centers and clusters.
  • Capacity Remaining: Use this widget to view the capacity remaining in terms of memory, storage, and CPU capacity remaining.
  • Predicted Time Remaining: Use this widget to view the predicted time remaining based on the use patterns in the environment.
  • Cluster Capacity Details: Use this widget to view detailed capacity information for each cluster.