You add a Network Share plug-in when you want to configure vRealize Operations Cloud to send reports to a shared location. The Network Share plug-in supports only SMB version 2.1.


Verify that you have read, write, and delete permissions to the network share location.


  1. From the left menu, click Configure > Alerts and then click the Outbound Settings tile.
  2. From the Outbound Settings page, click the Outbound Settings tab, and then click Add.
  3. From the Plug-In Type drop-down menu, select Network Share Plug-in.
    The dialog box expands to include your plug-in instance settings.
  4. Enter an Instance Name.
    This is the name that identifies this instance that you select when you later configure notification rules.
  5. Configure the Network Share options appropriate for your environment.
    Option Description
    Domain Your shared network domain address.
    User Name The domain user account that is used to connect to the network.
    Password The password for the domain user account.
    Network share root

    The path to the root folder where you want to save the reports. You can specify subfolders for each report when you configure the schedule publication.

    You must enter an IP address. For example, \\IP_address\ShareRoot. You can use the host name instead of the IP address if the host name is resolved to an IPv4 when accessed from the vRealize Operations Cloud host.

    Note: Verify that the root destination folder exists. If the folder is missing, the Network Share plug-in logs an error after 5 unsuccessful attempts.
  6. Click Test to verify the specified paths, credentials, and permissions.
    The test might take up to a minute.
  7. Click Save.
    The outbound service for this plug-in starts automatically.
  8. (Optional) To stop an outbound service, select an instance and click Disable on the toolbar.


This instance of the Network Share plug-in is configured and running.

What to do next

Create a report schedule and configure it to send reports to your shared folder. See Schedule Reports Overview.