The owner of views, reports, or templates might change over time.

The default owner of all predefined views and templates is System. If you edit them, you become the owner. If you want to keep the original predefined view or template, you have to clone it. After you clone it, you become the owner of the clone.

The last user who edited a view, template, or schedule is the owner. For example, if you create a view you are listed as its owner. If another user edits your view, that user becomes the owner listed in the Owner column.

The user who imports the view or template is its owner, even if the view is initially created by someone else. For example, User 1 creates a template and exports it. User 2 imports it in back, the owner of the template becomes User 2.

The user who generated the report is its owner, regardless of who owns the template. If a report is generated from a schedule, the user who created the schedule is the owner of the generated report. For example, if User 1 creates a template and User 2 creates a schedule for this template, the generated report owner is User 2.