The schedule of a report is the time and recurrence of a report generation.

Where Do You Schedule a Report

To schedule a report generation, from the left menu, click Environment > Object Browser. From the Object Browser panel, navigate to an object and click the Reports tab and then click Report Templates. Select a template to schedule, click the vertical ellipsis, and then click Schedule. To edit the schedule of a report, click the Schedules link of a report from the Report Templates tab, and then from the Scheduled Reports dialog box, click Edit Schedule.

How Do You Schedule a Report

Table 1. Schedule Report Options
Option Description

Schedule a report to run automatically at regular intervals.


Email a generated report to a predefined email group or to a network shared location. For more information about how to set up and configure the email options, see Add a Standard Email Plug-In for vRealize Operations Cloud Outbound Alerts.

Save a generated report to an external location. For more information about how to configure an external location, see Add a Network Share Plug-In for vRealize Operations Cloud Reports

You can add a relative path to upload the report to a predefined sub folder of the Network Share Root folder. For example, to upload the report to the share host C:/documents/uploadedReports/SubFolder1, in the Relative Path text box, enter SubFolder1. To upload the report to the Network Share Root folder, leave the Relative Path text box empty.

Note: Only users created in vRealize Operations Cloud can add and edit report schedules.
Table 2. Scheduled Reports Toolbar Options
Options Description
New Schedule You can create a schedule for the report.
Edit Schedule You can edit an existing report schedule.
Delete Schedule You can delete an existing report schedule.
Transport Report Schedule You can assign a new owner for the selected report schedule. You can select a target user from the Transfer Report Schedules dialog box.