As a vRealize Operations admin, you can backup the adapter configurations before upgrading, export all the adapter configurations, and import them into a different vRealize Operations instance. You can export the adapter configurations from vRealize Operations on-prem to vRealize Operations Cloud, vRealize Operations Cloud to vRealize Operations on-prem, vRealize Operations on-prem to on-prem instance, and vRealize Operations Cloud to cloud instance.

Note: Users with "Export" permission can export and users with "Import" permission can import the adapter configurations.


  1. Export the adapter configuration.
    1. From the left menu, click Data Sources > Integrations.
    2. In the Accounts tab, select the adapter configuration(s) that you want to export, click the horizontal ellipses, and select Export Accounts.
    3. Setup a new password to export data. The password should be at least 14 characters long and must include at least one numerical character, upper and lower case character, and special character.
    4. Click Export.
      The adapter configurations are exported in .zip format. A password is used to encrypt the data. Use the same password while importing this file.
  2. Import the adapter configuration.
    Note: Before importing the content, ensure that you have exported the adapter configurations.
    1. From the left menu, click Data Sources > Integrations.
    2. Click the horizontal ellipses and select Import Accounts.
    3. Click Browse to select the .zip file and enter the password that you had set while exporting the content.
    4. If there is a conflict while importing the adapter configurations, you can either overwrite the existing adapter configurations or skip the import, which is the default option.
    5. Click Import to import adapter configurations to the destination setup.