You can publish tag-based additional cost as individual metrics using vRealize Operations Cloud.To publish tag-based additional costs as individual metrics, you must first activate the Tag based Costing Metrics at the Global Settings level. If you activate the tag-based costing metrics at a VM level, then each of the tag-based cost is considered as an independent instance metric on the virtual machine.

How to Activate Tag Based Costing Metrics

From the left menu, click Administration and then click Global Settings. Select Cost/Price and navigate to the Tag based Costing Metrics. Move the toggle button to the right to activate the Tag based costing metrics. To know how to set the Additional Cost at a VM level, see Editing Additional Costs.

After you assign the cost for VMs with tags or custom properties, you must run the Cost Calculation and verify whether the additional cost is reflected in the costing metrics. The additional cost metrics can be viewed from the following location for the selected virtual machine Object Browser > VM > Cost > Daily Tags and Custom Properties Cost.

To verify whether the tag-based cost metrics update is reflected in your cost, run the cost calculation and check the tag-based cost metrics.