You can create dashboard folders to group the dashboards in a way that is meaningful to you.

Where You Manage Dashboard Folders

To manage the dashboard folders, from the left menu, click Visualize > Dashboards. From the Dashboards panel, click Manage. Click the horizontal ellipsis next to the Add option and click Manage Dashboard Folders.

How You Manage the Dashboard Folders

Table 1. Manage Dashboard Folders Options
Option Description
Dashboards List A list with all available dashboards.
Folders A hierarchy tree with all the available group folders.

To create a dashboard folder, click New Folder in the Folders pane and enter the name of the folder. If you want to create a folder under another folder, select a parent folder under which you want to create the child folder, then click New Folder. To add a dashboard, drag one from the dashboards list to the selected folder in the Folders pane.

You can delete folders and/or detach dashboards from a folder, by selecting one or more folders and dashboards from the Folders pane and by clicking Actions > Delete.

You can rename a folder by selecting a single folder from the Folders pane and by clicking Actions > Rename.