You can view and modify the details for user groups, including users, roles, and scope.

Where You Add User Groups

  1. To add a user group, from the left menu, click Administration, and then click the Access Control tile.
  2. Select the User Groups tab and then click Add
  3. To edit a user group, click the vertical ellipsis and select Edit. You can also click the EDIT GROUP button in the Group Details page and edit the user group.
    Table 1. Add or Edit Group Information - Name and Description Page
    Option Description

    Group Name

    Name of the user group that is created manually.


    Description of the user group, indicating its purpose.

  4. Assign Roles and Scope

    The Assign Roles and Scope option lets you select a role for the user group and then assign a scope for each role.

  5. From the Select Role drop-down menu, select a role for the user group.
  6. From the Select Scope drop-down menu, assign scope for the selected user group.
    Note: You can click the + sign to add multiple roles and then assign the required scope for each role.

    Assign Users

    The Assign User option lets you add members to the group based on the membership criteria that you have defined.

  7. Select the users who would be the members of this group.
  8. Click Save.