A policy is a set of rules that you define. It allows you to analyze and display information about the objects in your environment.

How the Select Policies Option Works

Policies define the settings that vRealize Operations Cloud applies to your objects when it collects data from your environment. You can select the policies that you want to apply for a particular alert.

Select Policies Option

You can view the policy tree in the left pane and you can either select the default policy or any other policy from the tree.

You can automate the recommended action that has the highest priority by changing the Status to Enabled in the right pane. Whenever the alert is executed on an object within the policy, the recommended action will be executed on the object.

You can also customize thresholds for a policy by clicking the policy and editing the trigger value in the right pane. Editing the threshold of conditions will affect its alert definition in the selected policy.

Note: If you create an alert without enabling any policies, then the alert remains inactive.

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