While troubleshooting, you can now quickly create an alert for a particular object type or a metric in a quick and efficient way.

You can create a simple alert definition from the following locations.
  • From the left menu, click Troubleshoot > Workbench and select the metric for which you want to create an alert. You can create an alert from the Potential Evidence or the Metrics tab.
  • From the left menu, click Troubleshoot > Alerts. Select an alert and click the Potential Evidence tab.


  1. Click the drop-down menu available in the right side of the widget and select the Create an Alert Definition option.
  2. In the Create Alert Definition page, enter the Name and Description of the alert.
  3. Set thresholds, criticality, and the number of wait cycles. Click Show Advanced Settings to set Wait Cycle and Cancel Cycle.
    Note: The Object Type or Metric/Property are pre-selected and cannot be edited.
  4. Click Create.
    The new alert is created and the policy the object belongs to and its children policies are enabled for the alert.