You can add a custom profile for an object type to determine how many instances of a specific object can fit in your environment. In the Custom Profiles workspace, you create a custom profile for an object and define its capacity configuration.

Where You Create or Edit a Custom Profile

To create a custom profile, click Configure > Custom VM Profiles in the left pane. To create a custom profile, click the Add button. To edit the selected profile, click Vertical Ellipses next to the profile and perform an action.

Table 1. Custom Profiles Configuration Options
Option Description
Profile Name Descriptive name of the custom profile.
Profile Description Meaningful description for the custom profile. Provide specific information that other users must know about this profile.
Object Type Basic object for the profile, such as a virtual machine.
Value and Unit Populate the value and unit for the capacity metrics. You can optionally import the values for an existing VM by clicking the IMPORT FROM EXISTING VM button.