In this example, an administrator starts the UI, chooses the Reclaim function on the Quick Start page, and identifies a data center with an excessive number of snapshots. The administrator wants to run the action for reclaiming resources, but chooses to exclude some VMs from the action.

The administrator is reviewing system resources at the start of the shift.


The administrator must have credentials for operating vRealize Operations Cloud and managing vCenter Server objects.


  1. From the left menu, the administrator clicks Reclaim under Optimize.
    The Reclaim screen appears. In reviewing the status of data centers across the network, the administrator sees that data center DC-Evanston-6 has 3 days of time remaining.
  2. The administrator clicks the DC-Evanston-6 graphic.
    The data in the lower half of the screen refreshes to display total reclaimable capacity and cost savings potential for recommendations for selected data center DC-Denver-19. (NOTE: Double-clicking the DC-Evanston-6 graphic at this point displays the Object Details page for that data center.)
  3. At the table, selects Snapshots from the header row.
    The table refreshes to list clusters with excess snapshots.
  4. The administrator clicks the chevron next to a cluster name on the left in the table.
    All the VMs in the cluster are listed.
  5. The administrator wants to keep snapshots for some VMs in the cluster, so selects two VMs and clicks EXCLUDE VM(s).
    A dialog box appears asking for confirmation.
  6. Clicks EXCLUDE VM(s) to confirm.
    The excluded VMs disappear from view and the potential cost savings drops.
  7. Back at the table, with the VMs selected whose snapshots are to be deleted, the administrator clicks DELETE SNAPSHOT(s).
    The Delete Snapshots confirmation dialog box appears, showing how many snapshots are to be deleted and the monthly savings in cost and disk space.
  8. Clicks DELETE SNAPSHOT(s) to confirm.
    The system deletes the snapshots.


Excessive snapshots are deleted and cost savings are realized.

What to do next

Under Optimize Capacity in the left menu, click Overview to display the Capacity Overview screen. Confirm that DC-Evanston-6 now has 15 days of time remaining.