You can perform infrastructure planning by adding or removing Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) nodes in vSAN enabled clusters and running What-If scenarios. vRealize Operations Cloud displays the cost, time remaining, and capacity remaining for CPU, memory, and disk space in the scenario results.

Where You Find What-If Analysis - Hyperconverged Infrastructure

In the left menu, click Plan > Capacity. The Capacity Plan page opens. Click What-If Analysis and in the What-If Analysis page, click the ADD button. Select the Infrastructure Planning: Hyperconverged tile. To run a What-If scenario click Add HCI Nodes or Remove HCI Nodes.

How What-If Analysis - Hyperconverged Infrastructure Works

You can add hyperconverged infrastructure to your VMware vSAN enabled environment evaluate the increase in HCI capacity and cost. You can add up to 64 hosts per vSAN cluster. This number accounts for existing hosts in the cluster. vRealize Operations Cloud only lists vSAN and vXRail clusters in the location property. You can select existing server types from these locations and change the number of instances of these servers to add to your scenario.