The Region Summary tab of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP Management Packs provide a summary and overall performance of the object where services are configured and allows you to troubleshoot performance issues, if any.

Where To View the Region Summary Tab

From the left menu, click Data Sources > Integrations. Click the vertical ellipses against the AWS, Microsoft Azure, or GCP Cloud Account, and then select Object Details.

Table 1. Region Summary Options
Option Description
Region This widget displays details such as the name of the region, number of projects in the region, and region the availability zone belongs to.

Displays the total number of instances and gives an inventory of the top 10 services sorted by the number of accounts in descending order. Click any region on the map to view details of the selected region.

Active Alerts This widget provides a visual indicator of the alert status for the following alert types.
  • Health alerts that usually require immediate attention.
  • Risk alerts indicating that you must look into any problems shortly.
  • Efficiency alerts indicating that you can reclaim resources.

To see the alerts for the object, click the labels of the alert.


Displays the object relationship of the selected object.