As part of the What-If Analysis function, Compare Datacenters is the form you use to fill in the details of your What-If scenario. Use this scenario to compare cost across data centers within the private cloud environment.

Where You Find Compare Datacenters

At the What-If Analysis page, click Compare Datacenters in the pane titled Datacenter Comparison.

Table 1. Compare Datacenter Options
Option Description
Scenario Name Name of your scenario.
Select Datacenters Select the data centers for which you want to compare the costs. Use the advanced filter search to find a datacenter.
Application Profile/Configure Using the Application Profile, you can configure the virtual compute resources, like CPU, memory, disk space, expected utilization, and annual projected growth.
Select Your Workload:
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Disk Space
  • Expected Utilization
  • Annual Projected Growth
With the Configure radio button selected, you can size your workload by defining values for CPU, memory, disk space, expected utilization, and annual projected growth.
Application Profile/Import from existing VM Displays the Select VMs button. When selected, displays the Select VMs workspace, where you can choose one or more existing VMs to use as templates for your workload. You can filter VMs by name, tags, vCenter Server, or custom group.

Once you have made your selections, you return to this screen to enter the quantity of each chosen VM you want to incorporate as templates into your workload.

Number of VMs (OPTIONAL)/Quantity You can optionally choose how many VMs to spread the workload across.
Implementation date/End Date (optional) You can specify the Start Date and End Date to compute the data center infrastructure cost for a specific time period.
Run Scenario Click to run the scenario. The system calculates the cost of migration and checks whether the selected workload fits into the location you have chosen.
Save Save the scenario.
Cancel Cancel the scenario.