You can view the list of custom data centers that exist in your environment, and a summary view of its health, risk, and efficiency. In this view, you can click a custom data center to display the top alerts that the objects in the custom data center triggered.

How Custom Datacenters Work

In vSphere, a data center serves as a container for objects that a vCenter Server instance manages. A custom data center is a container that can include objects from multiple vCenter Server instances.

Custom data centers can contain vCenter Server instances, data centers, clusters, hosts, virtual machines, and datastores. You can add vSphere object types to a custom data center.

When you add an object, the hierarchical children of that object become part of the custom data center. An object can belong to multiple custom data centers.

When you create custom data centers, the system runs capacity analytics on the objects in the custom data center, even if those objects span multiple vCenter Server instances. For example, you might need to examine the capacity analytics data across multiple clusters, and the multiple vCenter Server instances that manage those clusters. You do not have to analyze the capacity of one cluster or one vCenter Server instance at a time. You can create a custom data center, add all the clusters to it, and see the capacity analysis in a single location.

Where You Find Custom Datacenters

In the left menu, select Environment > Custom Data Centers.

Table 1. Custom Datacenters Toolbar and Grid Options
Option Description
Toolbar options

In the toolbar click Add to add a new custom data center. Click the Vertical Ellipses against a custom data center to perform the following actions:

  • Edit. Modify the custom data center.
  • Delete . Remove the custom data center.
  • Clone . Clone the custom data center.

Limit the list of custom data centers to those data centers that match the text that you enter in the Filter text box.

Data grid

Lists the custom data centers in your environment, and displays the health, risk, and efficiency for each one.

To view a summary of the custom data center health, risk, and efficiency on the Summary tab, click the custom data center name. To edit, delete, or clone a custom data center, click to the right of the custom data center name. Then, click the toolbar option.