The timeline provides a view of the triggered symptoms, generated alerts, and events for an object over time. Use the timeline to identify common trends over time that are contributing to the status of objects in your environment.

The timeline provides a three-tier scrolling mechanism that you can use to move quickly through large spans of time, or slowly and minutely through individual hours when you are focusing on a particular period. To ensure that you have the data that you need, configure the Date Controls to encompass the problem you are investigating.

It is not always effective to investigate a problem on an individual object by looking only at the object. Use the parent, children, and peer options to examine the object in a broader environmental context. This context often reveals unexpected influences or consequences for the problem.

The timeline is a tool that provides you a graphical view of patterns. If the system triggers a symptom and then cancels it at various intervals over time, you can compare the event to other changes to the object or to the related objects. These changes might be the root cause of the problem.