After you log in to vRealize Operations Cloud from a web browser, you see the Quick Start page.

The Quick Start page provides an overview of key areas of vRealize Operations Cloud.

Quick Start Page Before Cloud Accounts Are Configured

When you log in to vRealize Operations Cloud and no cloud accounts are configured, the Quick Start page displays guided tours in the Optimize Performance, Optimize Capacity, Troubleshoot, and Manage Configuration sections. Watch these guided tours to understand how the product functions. If your user account does not have administrative rights, the Quick Start page prompts you to contact the administrator for configuration of cloud accounts.

As an administrator, you must also first set up a cloud account or configure an adapter before you can start using vRealize Operations Cloud. Until you do so, you see links to guided tours about vRealize Operations Cloud.

Quick Start Page After Cloud Accounts Are Configured

When you log in to vRealize Operations Cloud after the cloud accounts or adapter instances are configured, and the initial setup is complete, the Quick Start displays the following sections.

Optimize Performance
Displays links to workload optimization, right sizing, recommendations, and optimization history.
Optimize Capacity
Displays links to assess capacity, reclaim resources, plan scenarios, assess costs and optimize cost.
Displays links to the troubleshooting workbench, alerts, logs, dashboards and applications.
Manage Configuration
Displays links to the compliance, configuration of virtual machines, hosts, clusters and distributed switches, and the sustainability dashboard.

The other tiles you can see are:

Extend Monitoring
Displays links to the following VMware website:
  • True Visibility Suite
  • vRealize Operations Aggregator
  • Explore vRealize Operations REST APIs
Learn and Evaluate
Displays links to the following sites:
  • Introduction to vRealize Operations
  • Evaluate vRealize Suite
  • vRealize Operations Cloud Guided Tour
  • Additional Learning
  • Evaluate Sample Dashboards
  • Browse and download code samples from VMware
Run Assessments
Displays shortcut links to the VMware vRealize Cloud Management Assessment and vSphere Optimization Assessment (Deprecated) sites.

For more information on how to use vRealize Operations Cloud features, see the VMware vRealize Operations Cloud Documentation.