You can view the status and health of your cloud proxy after you add it in vRealize Operations Cloud. You can then monitor the health and view alerts and metrics of your cloud proxy using the vRealize Operations Cloud Proxy object.


  1. Log in to vRealize Operations Cloud.
  2. From the left menu, click Data Sources > Cloud Proxy.
    The list of cloud proxies is displayed.
  3. Click a Cloud Proxy.
    The Cloud Proxy Details page opens.

    Each cloud proxy might have one or more adapters. You can also view the health and status of these adapters from this page.

    Table 1. Cloud Proxy Page Options
    Option Description
    Proxy ID ID of the cloud proxy.
    IP Address IP address of the cloud proxy.
    OVA Version The OVA file version used to install the cloud proxy.
    Creation Date Date of creation of the cloud proxy.
    Status Status of the cloud proxy. For example, the Getting Online status is displayed for a few minutes when you add a cloud proxy. Once the cloud proxy is connected to vRealize Operations Cloud, the status changes to Online. If the vRealize Operations Cloud is not connected, the Offline status is displayed.
    Last Heartbeat Last time stamp when vRealize Operations Cloud ran a Health Check for this cloud proxy. When you click a cloud proxy to view its details, vRealize Operations Cloud sends a heartbeat to check if the cloud proxy is still reachable.
    CPU CPU usage.
    Memory Memory usage.
  4. If your cloud proxy is not collecting data, you can view the health of the cloud proxy. From the left menu, click Environment > Inventory, select the vRealize Operations Cloud Proxy Object from the list, and then click Show Detail.
    For more details, see Inventory Tab and Inventory: List of Objects.
  5. After you locate the vRealize Operations Cloud Proxy object, you can view the object details using the Summary tab. For more information, see Summary Tab.
  6. Use the Alerts tab to monitor the health of the cloud proxy. If there are any issues, troubleshoot them using the Metrics tab.
    If your cloud proxy is not working properly, an alert is displayed.
    One or more vRealize Operations services on a cloud proxy are down
    To clear this alert, perform the following steps:
    • Check the network connectivity and configuration for the cloud proxy.
    • Take the cloud proxy offline and then bring it online.
    If the problem still persists contact VMware support.
    Note: It is recommended that you create a notification rule for this alert so that, quick remediation steps can be taken, if necessary.
  7. (Optional) You can use the cloud proxy command line interface for other cloud proxy related actions. For more details, see Using the Cloud Proxy Command-Line Interface.