Known Limitations of the vRealize Operations Cloud activation from VMware Cloud on AWS.

  • Near Real Time Monitoring is not supported.
  • Application Monitoring is not supported.
  • Service Discovery is not supported.
  • SDDC Health Management Pack is not supported.
  • Management Packs are not supported out of the box. The workaround is to install a separate cloud proxy and configure it for Management Packs.
  • VMC Billing and the ability to change Configuration Limits is not supported out of the box.

    To enable VMC Billing and change configuration limits replace the default VMC credentials (Navigate to Administration > Solutions > Cloud Accounts and select the auto configured VMC account ) with new credentials containing the CSP Refresh Token.

  • SDDC Discovery is not supported out of the box. To enable it replace the default VMC credentials as above.
  • vRealize Operations Cloud will be supported in the US-West region, regardless of where the SDDC is located.


  • If vRealize Operations Cloud service already exists in the given org, the activation will get associated with that instance of vRealize Operations Cloud and not start a new trial period.
  • vRealize Operations Cloud activation will take up to 90 minutes. During this time you will see the tile showing a spinner while the setup finishes.
  • In an organization, if vRealize Operations Cloud is activated for an SDDC from VMC UI, then for the discovered SDDC’s monitoring, it can either be activated from VMC UI or manually configured using a standard cloud proxy.
  • For advanced vRealize Operations Cloud uses cases, deploy a seperate Cloud Proxy.