vRealize Cloud Federaton Adapter allows you to gain visibility into the entire federated environment through a unified view across on-premises and cloud instances of vRealize Operations and across multiple vRealize Universal components. This helps you with consistent operations across clouds, monitoring and analyzing the overall performance, capacity, compliance, and cost of the federated environment at a global level.

You must be subscribed to vRealize Cloud Universal to get the Cloud Federation Adapter. The Cloud Federation Adapter platform provides physical and logical views of workloads across the global and granular level details with the ability to cut across geographies and specific time frames, using multiple vRealize Universal components data. These analytical capabilities enable organizations to identify gaps and plan changes to gain more efficiency, density, and cost savings out of the federated multi-cloud environment. Organizations can move and manage workloads between on-premises and vRealize Operations Cloud accordingly.

The Cloud Federation Adapter is integrated with vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight, Cloud Automation Services, and Log Intelligence. It provides a worldwide single management console that allows a single cloud admin to analyze and plan workload optimization across the entire global cloud environment from a single interface.

Configure vRealize Cloud Federation Adapter

To configure the vRealize Cloud Federation Adapter, see Configuring Cloud Federation Adapter.

Dashboards in vRealize Cloud Federation Adapter

The vRealize Cloud Federation Adapter dashboard provides a unified view across on-premises and cloud instances of vRealize Operations organizations. This dashboard provides consistent IT operations across clouds with cost, usage inventory, and performance. With vRealize Operations Cloud enterprise edition, vRealize Operations Manager is integrated with vRealize Automation so that the pricing and monitoring of deployments provides visibility to on-premise workloads.

The Cloud Federation Analytics dashboard helps you visualize the entire IT estate, both on-premise and in the cloud. The federated view provied the optics to monitor and understand multi-cloud costs. For more information on the dashboards in the Cloud Federation Adapter, see Cloud Federation Adapter Dashboards.