Developing a complex example workflow demonstrates the most common steps in the workflow development process and more advanced scenarios, such as creating custom decisions and loops.

In the complex workflow exercise, you develop a workflow that takes a snapshot of all the virtual machines contained in a given resource pool. The workflow you create will perform the following tasks:

  1. Prompts the user for a resource pool that contains the virtual machines of which to take snapshots.
  2. Determines whether the resource pool contains running virtual machines.
  3. Determines how many running virtual machines the resource contains.
  4. Verifies whether an individual virtual machine running in the pool meets specific criteria for a snapshot to be taken.
  5. Takes the snapshot of the virtual machine.
  6. Determines whether more virtual machines exist in the pool of which to take snapshots.
  7. Repeats the verification and snapshot process until the workflow has taken snapshots of all eligible virtual machines in the resource pool.
The ZIP file of Orchestrator examples that you can download from the landing page of the Orchestrator documentation contains a completed version of the Take a Snapshot of All Virtual Machines in a Resource Pool workflow.


Before you attempt to develop this complex workflow, follow the exercises in Develop a Simple Example Workflow. The procedures to develop a complex workflow provide the broad steps of the development process, but are not as detailed as the simple workflow exercises.