You can schedule a workflow from the Orchestrator client Scheduler or Workflows views. The user credential that starts the workflow is the same as the credential you use to schedule it.


You must have the Execute privilege to schedule a workflow.


  1. From the drop-down menu in the Orchestrator client, select Run.
  2. Click the Scheduler view.
  3. Right-click within the left pane and select Schedule task.
  4. (Optional) Select Schedule task as to use another user's credentials to schedule a workflow.
  5. Search for the workflow to schedule by typing the name of the workflow, select it, and click Select.
  6. Set the start date and time for the workflow.
  7. (Optional) Select whether to start the workflow if the scheduled time is in the past.




    The workflow starts immediately.


    The workflow starts at the next set recurrence.

  8. (Optional) Select a workflow recurrence pattern.
    1. From the Recurrence drop-down menu, select the workflow recurrence pattern.
    2. If you set the workflow to recur, you can specify an end time and date for the workflow.
  9. If the workflow requires input parameters, click Next and provide the necessary information.
  10. Click Submit to schedule the workflow.


The scheduled workflow is listed in the Scheduler view. An R appears next to the scheduled workflow to denote that recurrence is set.

What to do next

You can monitor the workflow run and delete the scheduled task from the Scheduler view.