The vRealize Orchestrator Puppet plug-in allows interaction between vRealize Orchestrator and Puppet. The Puppet plug-in exposes common puppet tasks as workflows.

  • Register and manage multiple Puppet Masters in the vRealize Orchestrator inventory.

    The Puppet plug-in uses SSH to interact with the Puppet Master.

  • Install and configure the Puppet agent on Linux and Windows-based nodes by using SSH and PowerShell.

  • Manage node certificates to sign a certificate signing request (CSR) on the Puppet Master.

  • Create and maintain the Hiera and Manifest classification files for node classification.

  • Trigger an on-demand Puppet agent run on the node by using SSH and PowerShell.

  • Perform node agent certificate removal from the Puppet Master.

  • Experimental support for the call to the Rake API for node classification.