To perform node level configuration you must register a Puppet Master to the Puppet plug-in.



  1. From the drop-down menu in the Orchestrator client, select Run or Design.
  2. Click the Workflows view in the Orchestrator client left pane.
  3. Select Library > Puppet > Configuration.
  4. Right-click the Add a Puppet Master workflow and select Start workflow.
  5. Enter a unique name in the Puppet Master name text box.
  6. Enter the SSH information to connect to the Puppet Master host in the IP Address text box.
  7. Accept the default Puppet Master SSH port number.
  8. Enter the Puppet Master root login credentials.
  9. Click Submit to run the workflow.

What to do next

Run a validation workflow to verify that the SSH connection to the Puppet Master or the login credentials are working. See Validate the Puppet Master.