To use the plug-in on an external vCenter Orchestrator server, you must install the plug-in by using the Orchestrator configuration interface.


  • Download the .vmoapp file that contains the plug-in.

  • Log in to the Orchestrator configuration interface at http://orchestrator_server:8283.


  1. On the General tab, click Install Application.
  2. Upload the vCloud Automation Center plug-in.
    1. Click the magnifying glass icon.
    2. Select the .vmoapp file to install.
    3. Click Open.
    4. Click Install.

    A message appears after successful installation. The vCloud Automation Center plug-in is installed without a tab in the Orchestrator configuration interface.

  3. On the Startup Options tab, click Restart service to complete the plug-in installation.

What to do next

Configure the vCloud Automation Center plug-in.