If you want to use the Orchestrator client to connect to the Orchestrator server not through the Java Web Start, but to have the client installed on your local machine, you must download and install the Orchestrator client.

About this task

After you complete the installation, you can start the Orchestrator client and connect to the Orchestrator server installed with the Orchestrator Appliance.


Ensure that the clocks of the Orchestrator Appliance and the Orchestrator client machine are synchronized.


  • Download and deploy the Orchestrator Appliance.

  • Verify that the appliance is up and running.


  1. In a Web browser, go to the IP address of your Orchestrator Appliance virtual machine.


  2. Click Download vCenter Orchestrator Client installable.

    You see links to executables for Windows 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, and Mac 64-bit.

  3. Download the file suitable for your operating system and install the Orchestrator client.

What to do next

Start the Orchestrator client on your machine and log in by using the Orchestrator client user name and password. The default credentials are:

  • User name: vcoadmin

  • Password: vcoadmin

If you are using vCenter Single Sign-On or another directory service as an authentication method, type the respective credentials to log in to the Orchestrator client.