By default, using the Orchestrator client to search for objects through a plug-in returns 20 objects at a time. You can modify the plug-in configuration file to increase the number of objects that are returned.


You must have installed a plug-in in the Orchestrator server.


  1. Navigate to the plug-in configuration folder on the Orchestrator server system.

    This folder contains an XML configuration file for each plug-in you have installed in the Orchestrator server.



    If you installed Orchestrator with the vCenter Server installer

    Go to install_directory\VMware\Infrastructure\Orchestrator\app-server\conf\plugins.

    If you installed the standalone version of Orchestrator

    Go to install_directory\VMware\Orchestrator\app-server\conf\plugins.

  2. Open the XML configuration file of the plug-in for which you want to change the number of search results.
  3. Add the following line to the XML configuration file for the plug-in.

    <entry key="ch.dunes.database.fetch-limit">50</entry>

    This line sets the number of search results to return to 50.

  4. Save the XML configuration file.
  5. (Optional) Repeat 2 through 4 for each plug-in to modify.
  6. Restart the Orchestrator server.


You increased the number of search results Orchestrator displays for a particular plug-in.