You can run a workflow from the Orchestrator client to generate a JDBC connection URL.


Log in to the Orchestrator client as a user who can run JDBC workflows.


  1. Click the Workflows view in the Orchestrator client.
  2. In the workflows hierarchical list, open Library > JDBC to navigate to the JDBC URL generator workflow.
  3. Right-click the JDBC URL generator workflow and select Start workflow.
  4. Select the type of database for which to generate a URL.

    If you use a Microsoft database, you might have to click Next and to provide the database instance name and database user domain name.

  5. Provide the required information to generate a database URL.
    1. Type a database server name or IP address.
    2. Type a database name.
    3. (Optional) Type a database port number.

      If you do not specify a port number, the workflow uses a default port number.

    4. Type a user name to access the database.
    5. Type a password to access the database.
  6. Click Submit to run the workflow.