You can run a workflow to generate Create, Read, Update, and Delete workflows for a particular table.


  • Verify that you are logged in to the Orchestrator client as an administrator.

  • Verify that you have a connection to a database from the Inventory view.


  1. Click the Workflows view in the Orchestrator client.
  2. In the workflows hierarchical list, select Library > SQL and navigate to the Generate CRUD workflows for a table workflow.
  3. Right-click the Generate CRUD workflows for a table workflow and select Start workflow.
  4. Select a table for which to generate the workflows.
  5. Select the workflow folder in which to generate the workflows.
  6. Select whether to overwrite any existing workflows.




    The generated workflows overwrite existing workflows with the same name.


    New workflows are not generated if workflows with the same name exist in the folder.

  7. (Optional) Select columns that should not be populated.

    You cannot edit the selected columns with the generated CRUD workflows.

  8. Click Submit to run the workflow.


After the workflow runs successfully, the CRUD workflows appear in the selected workflow folder.

What to do next

You can run the generated workflows on the selected database table.