You can run a workflow from the Orchestrator client to generate a key pair. You can use the key pair to connect to an SSH host without a password.

About this task

A key pair consists of a public key and a private key. Orchestrator can use the private key to connect to the public key on an SSH host. You can use a passphrase to improve security.


All Orchestrator users with the right set of privileges can read, use, and overwrite your private key.


  • Configure the SSH plug-in in the Orchestrator configuration interface.

  • Log in to the Orchestrator client as a user who can run SSH workflows.


  1. Click the Workflows view in the Orchestrator client.
  2. In the workflows hierarchical list, open Library > SSH to navigate to the Generate key pair workflow.
  3. Right-click the Generate key pair workflow and select Start workflow.
  4. Provide the required information.
    1. Select the key type.
    2. Select the key size.
    3. (Optional) Type a passphrase.

      You can change the passphrase later.

    4. (Optional) Type a comment.
  5. Click Submit to run the workflow.

    If a key pair exists, the new key pair overwrites it.