The vco:IncludeStylesheet component inserts a <link> tag that links to an external CSS file in a Web view.

You insert the vco:IncludeStylesheet component in the <head> tags of a Web view page.


The vco:IncludeStylesheet component defines the following properties.




href or src


Name of a CSS file, with or without the .css extension.



Name of a Web view attribute that contains a path to the CSS files.

The href or src properties are unnecessary if you provide an attribute property. If you store CSS files in a dedicated folder in the Web view file structure, you can include the folder name in the path you provide to the href or src property.

vco:IncludeStylesheet Component

The .css file extension is optional. The following example code lines both return the same href or src value.

<link jwcid="@vco:IncludeStylesheet" href="default.css"/>
<link jwcid="@vco:IncludeStylesheet" href="default"/>

The following example code line references a Web view attribute that contains a path to a CSS file. You create Web view attributes in the Orchestrator client.

<link jwcid="@vco:IncludeStylesheet" attribute="cssDefault"/>