Resource elements are external objects that you can import into the Orchestrator server for Web views to use as Web view attributes. Web view attributes identify objects with which Web view components interact.


Verify that you have the following objects in your Orchestrator server:

  • An image, script, XML, or HTML file, or any other type of object imported into Orchestrator as a resource element.

  • A Web view that requires the resource element as an attribute.


  1. From the drop-down menu in the Orchestrator client, select Administer.
  2. Click the Web Views view.
  3. If the Web view is running, right-click the Web view to which you want to add the resource element and select Unpublish.
  4. Right-click the Web view and select Edit.
  5. Click the Attributes tab.
  6. Right-click within the Attributes tab and select Add attribute.
  7. Click the attribute name and type a new name for the attribute.
  8. Click Type to set the attribute type.
  9. In the Select a type dialog box, type resource in the Filter box to search for an object type.



    Define a single resource element as an attribute

    Select ResourceElement from the list.

    Define a folder that contains multiple resource elements as an attribute

    Select ResourceElementCategory from the list.

  10. Click Value and type the name of the resource element or category of resource elements in the Filter text box.
  11. From the proposed list, select the resource element or a folder containing resource elements and click Select.
  12. Click Save and close to exit the editor.


You added a resource element or folder of resource elements as an attribute in a Web view.