The vCloud Director plug-in relies on a number of components to function properly.

vCenter Orchestrator and vCloud Director provide the platform for the plug-in, and the plug-in provides interaction between those products.

Figure 1. Component Relations
The vCloud plug-in components are graphically represented as boxes. The vCloud plug-in box is inside the vCenter Orchestrator box. Three arrows, passing through the User API, Admin API, and Admin Extensions API boxes, connect the vCloud plug-in box to the vCloud Java SDK box. The vCloud Java SDK box is connected to the vCloud Director box with a double sided arrow labeled "HTTPS/REST".

The vCloud Director plug-in implements the User, Admin, and Admin Extensions API classes that correspond to the types of API classes in vCloud Director. All users can read User API classes and users with appropriate rights can modify these classes. Users with administrative rights can modify Admin API and User API classes. The Admin Extensions API classes are VMware-specific and only system administrators can modify these classes. System administrators can also modify Admin API and User API classes.

The vCloud Java SDK provides the communication platform between the JavaScript API of the plug-in and the vCloud Director REST API.