The set of plug-ins that Orchestrator includes does not require a license. If you add a plug-in that requires a license, you must import it in the Orchestrator configuration interface.

About this task

To import license keys when you use the embedded database, you must run the Enter license key configuration workflow by using either the Orchestrator client or the REST API. For more information about running the configuration workflows by using the Orchestrator client, see Using the VMware vRealize OrchestratorPlug-Ins. For detailed instructions about running the configuration workflows by using the REST API, see Configuring Orchestrator by Using the Configuration Plug-In and the REST API.


  1. Log in to the Orchestrator configuration interface as vmware.
  2. Click Licenses.
  3. On the Licenses tab, click Plug-in Licenses.
  4. In the Serial number text box, type your plug-in license key.
  5. In the License owner text box, type the name of the license owner.
  6. Click Apply changes.

What to do next

To view details of the license, click the name of the imported license.