The Orchestrator server requires a database for storing data.

When you download and deploy the Orchestrator Appliance, the Orchestrator server is preconfigured to work with the PostgreSQL database embedded in the appliance.

The PostgreSQL database is suitable only for small-scale, medium-scale, and testing environments. To change the license key and the server certificate without changing the database, you must run the configuration workflows by using either the Orchestrator client or the REST API. For more information about running the configuration workflows by using the Orchestrator client, see Using the VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plug-Ins. For instructions about running the configuration workflows by using the REST API, see Configuring Orchestrator by Using the Configuration Plug-In and the REST API.

For better performance in a production environment, install a relational database management system (RDBMS) and create a new database for Orchestrator. For more information about creating a new database for Orchestrator, see Setting Up the Orchestrator Database. If you decide to use a separate database, configure the database for remote connection. For an example of configuring SQL Server Express for remote connection, see Configure SQL Server Express to Use with Orchestrator.